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THE PRIDE ISSUE ⋅ Gaygenda Magazine

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For years, conservative media outlets have been ranting on and on about the 'gay agenda'. Some even believe that the LGBTQ+ community is working on some spooky, evil plot to turn the kids gay....... do you honestly believe that the gays could ever be that organized!?

Enter, Gaygenda magazine. While we call ourselves 'Gaygenda', we do not exclusively serve the gay community. We use ‘the gay agenda’ as a joke but that’s really just to freak out our besties at Fox News.

Everyone is welcome, whether you're from the Bi-tinerary, the Trans target, the Sapphic schedule, the Pan plan, the Ace agenda, or any other department!

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Tyra Blizzard is on the cover of Gaygenda's PRIDE issue because of how they continue to show up for the Queer community. Tyra's fierce commitment to their audience is a testament to their character. 

📢 In this issue, we decided to be ambitious. Sharing more creators and exciting projects than ever before, GM004 is a love letter to the progress being made in the world.  

💗 We also included a collection of anonymously submitted responses from our community - participate with Gaygenda's Instagram stories.

🤝 Thank you to everyone who contributed to this issue of Gaygenda magazine!

Customer Reviews

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Beverley Remington

Very professionally created with attractive cover
Interesting topics and fun topics also with puzzle
Very informative
Leaves the reader looking forward to the next issue