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Transgender Pride LGBTQIA+ Wall Flag - #ShopGay

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Transgender Pride Flag, LGBTQIA Pride Flag - Perfect Gift For Pride Month!

★ Welcome To Shop Gay ★
We are a new LGBTQ+ owned shop that donates $1 per order to LGBTQ+ causes. If you're struggling to purchase a gift for somebody or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to message us, we're on hand to help you with any queries before you purchase.

★ About This Product ★
The trans pride flag was designed by Monica Helms, an openly transgender American woman, in August 1999. It was first shown at a Phoenix, Arizona LGBT pride celebration the following year.

Light blue, pink, and white, the three colors in the Transgender flag, stand for baby boys, baby girls, and those who are transitioning or consider themselves having a neutral or undefined gender, respectively. Please also note that there can be more than one meaning for the colors in the Transgender flag.

★ Flag Specifications ★
☆ Print on one side of flag (perfect for hanging in your room)
☆ 5ft x 3ft (36”x60”)
☆ UV Resistant Dyes

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